Friday, 29 March 2013

Oh How Wonderful......

I want to share with you the most fabulous website I've ever come across! I have informed my family and friends of this - at length! It's the one, the

Oh my, what a wonderful lady she is! In my excruciatingly hectic life, my home, at times can become very much like a hoarders home...the build up of toys, laundry, paperwork...the list is endless and then I came across this most wonderful website.

The question I liked and that stuck with me was " do you live with CHAOS?" It stands for Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome! Fantastic! "YES" I shouted at the screen.

This lady takes you through de-cluttering, cleaning and general housework in a zone by zone method. Nothing overwhelming.

Not only are you able to receive emails from her, but you can also connect with her on twitter and facebook.

By the end of the week, my house looks like its kind of taking shape...then the weekend happens and My Three Little Rascals are home...CHAOS.....

So, you've got it, Monday morning, its back to the drawing board!