Sunday, 31 March 2013

Oh The Joys Of....


It's a wonderful, yet heart wrenching time when a new parent realises their new baby is ready to move to 'solids'. It's wonderful because it means your little one is progressing well and is on the developmental track, so to speak, but heart wrenching because your baby is no longer a new born.

Weaning can be stressful, costly and extremely messy, so here's some pointers!

First, don't get yourself too stressed if baby doesn't want to take the mush that you are offering to them, it's all new to them and sometimes it takes time and patience before it begins to run smoothly.
Sometimes all they want is their milk, so, if that's the case, just give it, in time baby will want more than milk, but they decide when that is!

First food suggestions would be steamed, puréed carrot, sweet potato, and apple. These foods are naturally sweet and more appealing to baby's taste buds.

When I say it can be costly, the reason for this is if you decide to purchase baby food. Often baby food have a fridge life of two days at the most, so if baby is not interested, often one try of a jar of baby food and you kiss goodbye to it, so initially, homemade first tastes are a more economical way to go.

Finally, the mess is unbelievable, so do make sure you have plenty of bibs to hand, wet wipes and a splash mat to cover any carpet that is in danger of being marked. It's advisable for you to wear either an apron or clothing that you don't mind getting marked, especially when baby spits the food can go some way!!!!

Good luck with your weaning!!! : )