Sunday, 7 April 2013

And It's 1-0 To The Internet

Don't you hate it.

When that little light goes off on your modem.

No sign of life there at all. You even get a bit closer to the blooming thing to see if you can catch a flicker of

Your Internet connection is down.

Only then do your realise how you simply cannot live your life! Really! How dependant are you?!

Suddenly, you can't check your emails, no browsing, no twitter, no facebook....NO TWITTER!, NO FACEBOOK! Oh my giddy aunt, you've lost your lifeline to civilisation!

The fact that you have a mighty household full of people just doesn't cut it! That Internet is down and it's ruined your life!

You are going to be twiddling your thumbs for the next goodness knows how long...never mind that suddenly your home could be in the most beautiful condition of cleanliness and Internet is down so you're going to grump about it.

That's what happened to Internet, meaning no twitter, facebook, email, blog...oh no!

It's only when this occurs that you realise just how much it features in your life! I remember, a long time ago, somebody challenged somebody else to go a day without their mobile phone, because society was too dependent on them...well personally I often leave my phone in the car, at home when it should be with me, on my bedside table when I'm at the other end of the house. I don't miss it.

But my Internet connection is a totally different matter!

Soon, we won't even speak to the people we live with. One day you will get an email from your child upstairs saying ' wot we havin 4 dinner n wenz it out?'