Thursday, 4 April 2013


Well, what can I say. *Sigh* . I have had many a conversation recently about the TV show "Bedtime Live" which is showing in England at the moment.

Now, for those who haven't seen it...which partially includes me! It's a TV show, which documents real families trying against the odds to get their offspring off to sleep at a decent time.

The ironic thing is...I've missed it because I've been trying to get my offspring to sleep at a decent time!

I decided to record the shows to watch at a later date, to get some tips and advice and see if I could put it into practice.

So, one lunch time, First Born Rascal at school, other two Little Rascals soundly sleeping (yes, another irony), I sat down with a curled up sandwich and a cup of cold tea and pressed 'play'.

No sooner had my finger touched the button, a yelp sounded from upstairs, followed by uncontrollable sobs. I dashed upstairs to find a stray dummy out of reach of some searching little fingers.

Creeping back down the stairs, avoiding those creaking boards as best I could, I sat back down and pressed play.

I achieved five minutes and thirty nine seconds to be precise, along with one bite of sandwich and a grimace of cold tea before the yelp came.

This time, after hauling a child back down the cot into a more comfortable position, and tucking in cosy, I crept back down those stairs, again, avoiding the creaking floorboards.

SItting down, I decided against picking up my mug of cold tea and took another bite of sandwich, before pressing play, yet again.

This time, tears, in harmony began after eleven minutes of watching some poor woman hovering outside of a bedroom door. I stopped the show, and noticing the cause of the tears, realised I'd lost this battle...the bin men had arrived.

The wagon beeping and groaning as it kangaroo'd it's way around our street, bins noisily banging against it as the entire contents of each house's weekly waste was thrown recklessly into it's enormous bucket.

 However, my Little Rascals could be heard above the problem.

I climbed the staircase again an was met by two sets of enormously wide eyes. Was I going to achieve peace and tranquility to watch a programme about getting my children to sleep while having lunch?
No way, on went childrens TV and my curled up sandwich cut into small pieces