Monday, 8 April 2013

How Long Does It Take For Shoes To Dry?

So the question is...

How long does it take for a leather shoe to dry?

I can answer that question. There are a few answers to that question because there are different types of leather.

I consider myself an expert on this subject, firstly because I personally have seventy three pairs at my last count..yes, I know....then two of My Little Rascals enjoy throwing shoes into the bath.

It's one of their favourite pastimes

Now, two of My Little Rascals have Piedro boots which are boots specifically designed for those who need support of the feet and ankles, and are supplied by the appliance clinic which my Rascals attend. These boots are incredibly sturdy and the leather is incredibly tough. These boots are going to take a good while to dry, which can vary, depending on the length of time in water before their removal.

Now, my reflexes are darn good, and are improving everyday. Often I can tell by the speed of little footsteps heading towards the bathroom whether a shoe or two is going to be skimming past my right ear into the bath. Generally speaking, I can catch the shoe if one Rascal is the offender, but if that one Rascal has an accomplice, who usually also has two shoes, I am scuppered.

So, if a shoe hits the water and you retrieve it at .3 seconds, you are looking at a wipe dry- happy days.

If a shoes hits the water, and your back is turned, possibly a 5 second retrieval, said shoe probably has water inside. This is not good news, you're looking at an overnighter, on radiator and heating on.

If a shoe is a sinker and you were nowhere near the bathroom. You've had it. This shoe is out of the running for a good week. Then you have the complaints about it feeling funny when they are eventually worn again.


Wear flip flops.