Friday, 19 April 2013

I Can Smell....

...The weekend!!!

After this sleep, it's Saturday! Friday is a tantalisingly delicious day isn't it! It's just the epitome of happiness.

If you work, it's the most joyful day! Unless something goes wrong, generally, everyone in the office is chipper, the answer to everything is yes, and I now name it 'Chocolate and Chips day..No, Not Together' Friday should be the day for celebration, simply because everyone is in a fabulous mood...unless you work on a Saturday. If Thursday is your last day at work, I will allow you, by default, to celebrate on a Thursday.

Why is it good for the weekend to arrive?

Well, if you don't have children, it usually means nights out, duvet days, shopping trips, late nights, films and more films, long walks during the day, weekends away.

HOWEVER... Even those with children look forward to the weekend...WHY? Because you don't have to be up at stupid o clock, trying to get the right clothes on the right child, chasing children around the house to clean them, searching for various book bags, and forgetting which child had which book, suddenly remembering that you had forms to fill in and monies to give...then the packed lunch...ok...stop!

The weekend means a lie in a smidgen past stupid o clock, pyjamas til dinner time, park, cartoon movies, sweeties and milk shakes instead of fruit and smoothies, pillow fights. Fun, fun, fun. The weekend is there for those who have children to be a child again.

SO, what's your plans?

Enjoy !