Sunday, 28 April 2013

That Monday Feeling

Is now upon us *frowning face*.

Oh how hard it is come pm on a Sunday, the feeling starts to encroach on you, like a dark wave, hauling the tide ever further up the sand to the edge of the beach.....then you open your eyes and it's blooming Monday morning. The sheer sadness is incredible!

Usually a glass (or bottle) of wine will do the trick on a Sunday night, but the feeling still just lingers.

So, what can we do about it? can we ever change it? this is our mission, we need the 'Sunday night feeling' to change to 'It's ok, it's still the weekend feeling'.

Here's a few suggestions to get you looking forward to a Sunday night:

  • Online shopping - why not have a gander on ebay, check out those last minute bargains, or traet yourself to an outfit that you fancy
  • Bake - Do yourself proud and turn yourself into Martha Stewart for one night a week by creating some rather fabulous cakes and biscuits
  • Film night - get a HUGE bag of goodies, whether it be sweeties, popcorn,...oatcakes...whatever floats your boat, kids to bed and put the film on that you've had taped for ages.
  • Pamper night - what better reason do you need?, Sunday night pamper night says it all. Hot bubble bath, delicious body lotion, glass of wine, chocs and your favourite magazine or book (make sure its not your kindle...wouldn't want that submerged would we!)
Now, surely, those suggestions put a smile on your face? no?...what's that I hear?, kids don't sleep?
No, problem, although there's only one thing you can do....everyone crammed into the master bed, sweets, milkshake and cartoons until the kiddies are sound, then early night for all.

Happy Sunday night folks! Sweet dreams!