Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Magical World Of Technology

Why oh why are we so apprehensive about new technology? I have made so many boo boos since starting to blog, and it's all through technology! This post comes from learning about (or trying to come to grips with) google plus. It's a minefield of joining, registering, logging in, sharing, posting, circles...oh my poor head!!!

I recall when mobile phones came out ...."oh, no, I'm not having one of those, what in the world do you want a small phone for, I've got a phone in the house already!" Said I

I recall PC's...."ok, not bad, but why would I want to pay to look at the World Wide Web?, the telly's good enough, thanks" I sniffed

I recall email "oh dear God!, we've got pens, we've got paper, write a letter for goodness sake!" I exclaimed

Now, when I look back, it was terrifying at the time! It was venturing into the unknown! The intimidation of technology and its abilities was astounding. And how we can chuckle now, show me a  man who doesn't own a mobile phone, or a laptop, and I haven't met anyone recently who doesn't have email.

Now, you have homes without landlines, because mobiles are a cheaper option, we have tablets now, rather than the huge blocks of computers that once graced our dining room tables and writing letters?  if I can put my hands on a pen and a piece of paper it's a miracle!

Oh how times change.