Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Little Bit Of Selfishness....Maybe :-)

I have found out you can be nominated for a blog award....

.....well, this is me fluttering my eyelashes and smiling my best smile and saying, if you find any of my posts interesting, exciting, remotely readable, or even if my blog just plainly makes you want to read more because it's so ludicrous...then a nomination would be hugely and greatly appreciated!

*big smiley face*

I have come across the cosmopolitan blog awards *pointing shyly towards the badge to the right there* and thought I might see if any of you lovely people would like to nominate me...(just click on the badge) don't worry if you don't, I'll still be writing my blog about life's intricacies through my eyes...just with a slightly sadder face.

*whispering thanks in advance*