Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hey! Let's Get Organised...Shopping Lists!

Ok, so, let's throw ourselves, hook, line and sinker into organisation and start with making a shopping list and getting the shop in BEFORE the weekend starts!

Have you ever sat there on a Friday night, longing for that bag of crisps?

Have you ever fretted on a Saturday lunch time that you have run out of fruit for the kids lunches?


Whether you like to get your shopping delivered, or go for a perusal around the store, let's make that list now (much more economical than browsing for what you fancy).

Let's make a list of meals that you and your family fancy, and in initially, be strict with your list. Put only the ingredients down that you really need.

Once you've done that, you can think of any extras...treats for the family and add those to the list

Don't forget the easily forgotten essentials:

Toilet Roll
Cleaning Fluids
Baby Wipes

There will be some tasty recipes appearing in our 'hungry?' section soon...keep your eyes peeled!

We prefer shopping on a Thursday, and everything is in, fresh for the weekend...what's your preference?