Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Phenomenon Of Peeling Mushrooms'

Well, I feel compelled to write a post about this....many years ago at a toddler 'do' the subject of mushrooms' and mushroom preparation came up.

 Yes, I know...riveting...

So the conversation moved to the method of cleaning a mushroom before cooking (can you believe I feel the need to write about this!) and when my opinion was requested, I piped up, very enthusiastically 

"Oh, no, I don't clean them, I peel them"

The room fell deathly silent and fifteen adult eyeballs and even twenty one toddler eyeballs (my toddler not included) rested on me...the woman who peeled mushrooms.

"What?" Cried one woman incredulously "you peel mushrooms? obviously have nothing to think about!" She snorted and a couple of others joined in with a chuckle.

Now, mushroom peeling to me is normal, easy and quite therapeutic to be honest. As far as having nothing else to think about, she couldn't have been further from the truth, my life is one mad minute after another, but hey, mushroom peeling keeps me sane!

The three mushrooms on the left are peeled and trimmed

Now, after having this conversation very recently, I seemed yet again to be in the minority. So speaking to my dear mother, she threw some light on why I'm a peeler.

"It's because I always peel them, always have, always will, as did your grandmother."

So, maybe it's an inherited trait. I have noticed some companies sell 'mushroom brushes' well, I guess I won't need one...never have, never will! 

Anyone else a mushroom peeler?!!!