Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Don't Just Have ASD

I don't just have ASD (written by Kate Shippey)

I have feelings that can be hurt,

I have a heart that can break,

I have a mind that has trouble to think the way yours does sometimes,

I have eyes that don't work as well as yours when I'm a little stressed,

I have ears that can be extremely sensitive to noise that seems ok to you,

I have arms that can work overtime, flapping when I'm over stimulated,

I have a torso that feels like you've pushed me intentionally when you just squeezed past,

I have legs that can kick out at you when you ask me to leave something, and I struggle to do so,

I have a mind and body that struggles to understand life as you know it,

I have emotions that I struggle to identify with,

I find it hard to understand the difference between morning and night time,

I find it hard to deal with children crying,

I don't know when it's time to eat,

I don't know when it's a school day or a weekend day,

I don't like hand dryers, or loud planes, or loud trains,

I don't like the loud noise of busy roads,

I don't like being separated from my parents, at all, not even for school,

I don't sleep all through the night, so sometimes I'm incredibly tired

I don't understand toilet training,

I like everything to have an associated colour, including numbers and words,


It hurts me when someone tells me I'm different,

I cry when another child hits me for flapping,

I do see you looking at me when I have a meltdown, thinking my behaviour is appalling,

I sometimes need reassurance of a dummy, even though I hear you say I'm too old,

I know I wear a nappy, there's no need to stare and point at me, making me feel worse.

I wish I could explain this to you, but would you have time to sit down next to me and listen?

I want acceptance and understanding from you...just as if I was your pal with a broken leg. THEN I'll be happy :-)