Sunday, 23 June 2013

Megson- When I Was A Lad (Review)

When the pretty silver square packet dropped through my letterbox, I knew exactly what is was, and was,  I admit, a little excited. See, I am a fan of music, of all kinds, so when I had the opportunity to review the album 'When I Was A Lad' by Megson, I jumped at the chance!

Music features heavily in our abode. And right now, any music that's calm and contemplating is a plus to the adults in the house.

I have always thought of folk music as being soothing, calming, easy listening, most folk music gives a liberating, feel good feeling when listening to it and certainly creates an unavoidable foot-tapping session.

Megson's 'When I Was A Lad' is no exception!

Having three little rascals in the house who need settling much of the time, I was more than happy to give this CD a try and see how the rascals would react to it.

After school is always a tricky time. Kids hyper, awkward, hungry, the arguments over the toys and TV start...and it all goes wrong.

So as I expected my barrel of little buddies to come bundling in, on went the CD.

A wonderful soft voice filled the room. I flicked through the songs quickly and liked that Stu and Debbie Hanna each sang on the CD. The beautiful male and female vocals incredibly harmonic.

The CD has a mixture of old and new songs to tempt each taste and when my rascals came in, the first question was not "what's for tea?" But "what's that music?"

Second and third born rascals began to sway, and bounce along to the rhythm, first born rascal began to hum the tune. Each child pottering with their own business. There was a lovely, calm feel to the home.

The tunes are incredibly catchy and you will find yourself humming along and continuing well after the CD has ended.

The CD now is part of our routine. It goes on frequently: after school, when rascals need soothing, for educational purposes i.e singing together, and generally the rascals like to have a good boogie to the music. Once bedtime has arrived, I must admit, I often leave the CD playing, as the music is very therapeutic.

So in summary, for me and my brood its a winner and worth every penny!

When I Was A Lad is available at costing £10.00
Disclosure: I was kindly sent a free copy of this CD to review. I have not received any financial remuneration for this post, and all words and opinions are my own.