Friday, 28 June 2013


I want to say a huge thankyou for all of the positive feedback that I have received from my post 'I Don't Just Have ASD'. The wonderful comments that I received from readers of my blog on the article, twitter messages and facebook messages have really inspired me to help others on the road that my family and I are travelling down.

We have three little rascals, all of whom have health and development difficulties. Some more complicated than others, however, all as important in their own right, and all three rascals are receiving specialist support.

When we found that first born rascal was going to have health problems at the 20 week scan, we accepted that, went through tests, as advised, and gave birth to a tiny newborn. We were ready to take on the world and support said rascal in whatever was needed.

The 20 week scan with second born rascal was clear, all was well, until said rascal ceased in developing at the ripe old age of one. Tests began on this little tot too. At this point, third born rascal was here.

Specialists decided to keep an eye on third born rascal too...said rascal started physiotherapy earlier this year. Said rascal hasn't reached the ripe old age of one yet.

This has hit us hard, we've had incredible lows, and incredible highs, however, the realisation that family is the most important thing that you have shines brightly through. The difference between having the support of those who understand exactly what you're feeling, going through, the emotions that no one but the close family involved with these precious little bundles can even begin to comprehend, is incredible. We thought we were strong all those years ago, when we only had one little rascal, but now, looking a the three of them, each with their own mountain to climb in front of them, we know, and they know that one of us will be infront, pulling them up there, the other will be behind, pushing them up. The rest of our family? They will be at the bottom of the mountain to catch us if we fall.