Saturday, 29 June 2013

#vpnights (Virtual Party Nights)

I recall an earlier time in life when partying and girls weekends away featured highly in my agenda.

I recall my biggest problem in life was wondering what outfit to wear for work that looked fab.u.lous.

Then the preening which went on for hours and hours before party and the sleeping that occurred after party.

Now, it doesn't happen...the partying, the girls weekends, or the preening! I don't miss it all...does that sound awful? My life has changed significantly and I have been plunged two feet first into the world of special needs parenting. However, once every six months or so, I think I might fancy getting out of the house for a while with a bit of adult chat!

I know I'm not alone. Many people I know have written about feeling the same way and don't particularly miss the whole 'going out' malarkey, but wouldn't mind a it of adult chat once in a while.

Welcome #vpnights (Virtual Party Nights)

I decided to start #virtualpartyfriday which runs 8-9pm (GMT) to cater for those who can't manage to escape the home to get a bit of switch off. It's a way to get a bit of company if you can't get a babysitter, feeling under the weather, a single parent, your child is poorly, you're a parent of a special needs child who needs you at bedtime, or any other reasons that generally prevent you from venturing into the bar!

Another plus of this, is if said child is needing you, you can dip in and out as you're not tied to twitter!

It runs every week, yes, I even hosted it while on holiday! Go figure! But I enjoy it, and so, by all accounts does everyone else who has joined in since the start three weeks ago. Some people try and join in each week, others join in when they can, it's not compulsory, it's there to be enjoyed!

All you do is tweet your drink, nibbles and the tune you're listening to, then join in the chat! It's great to meet others in the same position as you, and it's great fun! So, next time you're at a loose end, don't despair, join in #vnights

And now we've expanded! Welcome @vpnights #vpnights watch this space for more evenings of fun!

Follow me @katesvie and @vpnights I always send out invitations and reminders that the party's about to start!