Sunday, 2 June 2013

Whiten Those Whites!

Sundays are perfect for didn't mean you in the bath! Although that's fine too!

What I was talking about is your laundry, and cutlery!

Why waste your time on household suites when it's glorious outside and a trip out is much better, or even on a rainy day when an indoor picnic and board games are preferable to ironing...

So, getting to the point, lets make your whites white, once again. You know that they've gone a bit grey, haven't they? Those socks with the dark stands on the soles...will be gone!

My preferred stain remover is Vanish, so I will be using this, you can use whatever your household prefers, but, lets fill a sink (or bath) with water as hot as you an stand, and put in the recommended dose  for the amount of water that you're using. So many people scrimp on this, but that's not going to do the job today.

Once your receptacle is full, treat the clothes that you are about to put in. Make sure that you also put a dab on the tougher stains to help them out.

Now submerge your items, soaking them thoroughly.

And leave them. Simple as that!

You can do the same with your cutlery. If it's stainless steel, pop them in a basin with hot water and a squirt of bleach and leave them.

Once you've returned from your jaunt, put your whites in the washing machine and give them a normal wash, and rinse your cutlery thoroughly before putting them back in the drawer.

Now, how much better is that! For 0-5% effort!