Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Yummy Mummy? Or Shunny Yummy Mummy?

Are you a self confessed yummy mummy or do you shun all that glamourising?

I was determined when expecting Rascal#1 that I was going to be perfectly groomed...at all times. I would (after having rascal#1 sleep right through the night, of course), rise, fresh as a daisy, feeling on top of the world, feed rascal#1 before dressing child and myself in the most beautifully, freshly laundered, matching outfits, down to booties.

Rascal#1 would of course have that wonderful baby powder smell, I with my favourite scent of the moment, after having layered the matching body lotion on, nails perfectly manicured, hair preened to perfection.

I would teeter along in my heels with a beautiful large pram stopping every two seconds for my newborn rascal to be gloriously admired by EVERY passer by, telling me how absolutely fabulous I looked....

...yes, well....

The truth? Although, in my mind, yes I long to be that yummy mummy, life had a different plan in store for me.

Rascal#1 was born with lots of health problems and we weren't to leave the house for three months, illnesses were too dangerous.

Sleep was a figment of my imagination...I would snatch a half hour at a time 24 hours a day.

I couldn't remember the feeling of being fresh as a daisy.

The washing machine was never off- true enough, but even the most freshly laundered clothes had a survival rate of  three minutes before some form of child deposit landed on them.

Our clothing never matched...even down to pj's! All those gorgeous clothes, bought and hung in sets were soon dismantled and frantically tried with other things to make us look 'respectable'.

As far as baby powder smell, and perfume. It was more baby sick and pooey nappies.

My clothes? I introduced myself to track suits...outside of the gym (which I once frequented many years ago...)

And as far as people commenting? It was usually in some kind of adoration for my beautiful teeny, tiny bundle, they would look at me and ask "are you alright dear? You're looking a little pale"

But here we are, with rascals#1, #2 and #3!!! And loving every minute of it!

My life is full of hospital appointments for all of them, and I could write a book on genetics, but I wouldn't change it for the world, and now and again, I do become a yummy mummy, for a little while....