Sunday, 28 July 2013

Autism - A Piece Of Perfection!

Living with autism brings many stresses and many difficulties, but not always!

Autism in itself is a very well known disorder and presents itself in many different ways, but to really understand the person with autism that you live with, is like giving them the best present ever!

There are so many lovely ways about them, ok, sometimes the repetition is a little wearing on the nerves, but, it can put a smile on your face...if you let it!
Our second born rascal has taken to pointing out each time they spot a car...while you're driving... Yes, this results in the following conversation:

 " Car!"
 "Yay! Good spotting!"
 " Well done!"
 "Oh yes! Fantastic!"

...and so on.... Each time, the word 'car' is said with such enthusiasm, never getting bored, it doesn't matter how far we are travelling, this is the conversation...and no, a change in topic, or distraction doesn't stop the repetition, it continues where it left off.

First born rascal has a thing about colours, everything has to have a colour related to it:

" what's that mammy?"
 "That's number eight"
"What colour is it?"
" I think it could be red"
"No, not red"
" what colour do you think it is?"
"Then brown it is"
" What colour is seven mammy?"

And so on....I have noticed that I actually try and associate colours to words before I am asked now...just to help!

I find it so interesting! Their minds are so deep and perfect in their thoughts, I find that since having our Rascals, my thoughts are much deeper, I think of things on their level to try and have an answer to give them. I hear things like a buzzing lightbulb and I'm more aware if a lightbulb is about to go out, because it 'blinks'...did you know that?

The intelligence is really on a different level...development is incredibly slow, but now I know that it's because they have to think of so many extra things, associations and understanding. 

We snap at people if we are disturbed, we rush everything so that things are done in a haphazard way,  and left half done, if we don't understand things, we walk away, not willing to learn, we don't make the time to do things properly.

When you think of the organisation that they practise each day, the grouping together, the tidiness, the calmness, and the way they show that they're concentrating on something, so it's really not a good time to disturb them

Autism, to me really is a piece of perfection!