Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Being Glam...My Mission!

Now, I would never call myself glamorous, not in a million years, and boy can I look rough on a housework day (most days) but the yearning to be glam is there....

Yes, I absolutely, beyond belief adore shoes, and clothes, and jewellery, and absolutely adore dressing my rascals so they look absolutely gorgeous! But, it's hair and make up that gets me every time.

I have the fastest growing hair in the history, and my make up bag contents have never changed.

Although thanks to the speedy growth of my hair, I can get it cut into the shortest style ever, then six months later, it's a bob. My hair is also incredibly thick, so any form of 'shape' with design features flop instantly, unless held with superglue (PLEASE don't try that!). So, when long, ponytail it is, and when short...hours of styling in store which then looks like I haven't washed my hair for a loooong time.

Now to my pet

Oh how I long to delve into a makeup bag full of perfection, expensive foundations that suit my tone: I have even sat for hours at those counters while they tried to find the 'right' one, I was informed by Yves Saint Laurent (or rather the staff at the beauty counter) that green mascara is my colour....really? Jeez. I stick with boring brown eye shadows, year in, year out. And as far as eye liner goes, you seriously don't want to know how that turned out. My blusher is bog standard and I love lipsticks, but none are meeting the quality that I like! I like a smooth, sleek feeling one, with a very slight hint of a gloss like shine...not a shimmer...I really don't do shimmer.

So, I envy those women who open their makeup bag and out comes their haul of practically bespoke makeup. On it goes and they just fit into know those types don't you, I wish I just fit into my makeup.

So, mission makeup begins...I am determined to have that perfect pouch of plethora which will make me wonderful....any ideas???

I require advice, samples, tips and if possible my own personal makeup artist (services free of charge of course!)

All applications for the hardest job in the world, please DM me at @katesvie or email me at the address in the contact me section...I will endeavour to reply to the hoards that I am sure to receive...