Monday, 29 July 2013

Crash,Bang, Bang, Smash!

So, after having excrutiatingly sleepless nights, I was so relieved, that on my day off from work, I actually had a spare half an hour to do anything I so desired!

Yes, first born rascal was extremely content making a Jet from a toy pig (???), second born rascal was sleeping, currently being a poorly toddler, and third born was due nap time.

Rarely did this happen. The house was relatively quiet, relatively tidy and relatively calm. So, hauling out my beloved (white) laptop (I stress the 'white' part because I always wanted a white one...I now have it!) I decided to do some blog maintenance.

I plugged it in, opened it up and cringed as the crash bang boom of a neighbours bin receiving some incredibly bulky refuse actually shook the pictures on my wall. I did first born rascal.

"What was that mammy?"
"It's ok, just the bin"
The wide eyes weren't convinced, but Jet play resumed. Happily, I took pleasure in the fact that other sleepers hadn't been woken, I switched my laptop on.

crash, bang, boom, smash, smash, crash

First born rascal screamed and almost had me in a headlock trying to clamber onto my knee, knocking my precious laptop hurtling towards the floor....which I crabbed with such a movement, a contortionist WILL be asking me for tips.

I then heard it, from upstairs...the warble, building gradually to a full volume, high pitched wail.
I hauled myself up the stairs, first born still attached to my neck into third born's room.

After many attempts of pacifying said baby, I recognised the fact that this nap time was over. Full stop.

So, creeping back down the stairs, wailing baby in left arm, shaking first born hanging, still around my neck. I placed them both on the floor, infront of accumulated toys and smiled hopefully.

They played together relatively calmly and I dared myself to re-open my laptop.

I didn't even get as far as touching the blooming thing, when 'BANG BANG.....DINGDONG'

I stormed to the front door, by this time, I had a feeling that my eyes had turned red, and there was steam emanating with a hiss from my ears. I could just see the outline of a man carrying a box. Now, I knew I hadn't ordered anything, I certainly wasn't waiting for anything...this just meant one thing.....

I opened the door and hoped the steam had subsided slightly.

"Hi, don't suppose you could take this parcel for the house five doors down could you?"

At that point, poorly toddler let out a scream and a half, crying as if life depended on it...which set of third born downstairs...which then entitled first born to make the noise of the jet that was being made from the toy pig...except this jet had more noise than an International Air Show in it's entirety.

I smiled at the hopeful gentleman, holding the box at my door and told him that that would be fine.

He kindly stepped into my hallway with the box and laid it to the side, asked me to sign the electronic thing, and walked away.

Upstairs I climbed and comforted my poorly second born, adding yet another crying child into my peace and quiet, when suddenly...sick happened, just missing my treasured laptop by millimetres!

I placed little one down and proceeded to clean up. Having done that, I noticed an element of silence...all little ones quite content.

By this time, my blog plans had been lost in a vacuum of noise, disruption carnage, so I chose to watch my little wonders at work...and how wonderful it was too!