Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Independence Day......

So, it's a day of celebration and fun for my readers in the USA! A day of food, music, fun activities and generally a hugely patriotic day for all American citizens.

It's also a day of fun and partying in our humble is third born rascal's first birthday!

I recall this day last year, my eldest rascal was due to go on a school trip. I was out of my mind with worry. My eldest has a rare genetic disorder, and ASD along with development delay. I was not a happy mother.

The night before, Mr Blue With A Touch Of Pink was mowing the lawn as I made first born rascal's packed lunch, and prepared the school bag with the required hat, sunscreen, and everyday necessities.

I remember the twinges, and needing to take deep breaths as I pottered around.

I took first born and second born rascals to grans house, where she was keeping them overnight (we knew labour was imminent).

And on returning, I continued pottering.

With my first and second born, I had been induced ,so I was expecting the same to occur this time.

Third born rascal had other plans.

In the early hours of the morning, I began contract more frequently, and the sickness kicked in. We contacted the hospital and off we went.

However, when we arrived, suddenly the contractions were no more! And we returned home.

But not for long!

I hung on long enough to accompany my first born rascal to school (although daddy took said rascal to the gate) I stayed in the car, gritting my teeth.

I got home, pottered a little more, then HAD to go.

We arrived at the hospital at ten am, and third born rascal was born in less than an hour.

And first born rascal? The trip was fine, and my mind was certainly taken off it!

So, although we don't live in USA, and don't celebrate American Independence Day for the same reasons, we celebrate in the same way, for third born rascal. So: