Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How Clever Is YOUR Child?

Other than the wonderful 'killer' heat that we have in our country right now, another news item is that five year old children may be tested in school.....

Yes, I repeat, FIVE YEAR OLD children may be tested in school, and if that's not enough, this score will then be ranked nationally.


To allow parents to COMPARE their child against other children their age, to see how clever they are.

Now, call me sceptical, or a spoilsport if you so desire, but is this really necessary?

Do forgive me if I'm wrong, but haven't we, as parents done that anyway since pregnancy?

While pregnant, you compare bumps with people with the same due date as you, you compare weights in scans, you compare the length of the femur, etcetera, etcetera.

When born, you compare labour, birthweight, feeding, sleeping.

Then, the comparisons go onto crawling, walking, teething, speaking.

As they progress its reading, writing that you compare.

It's never ending! So, these poor little people of ours who spend the majority of their early years being compared to others of the same age, day in day out......are now going to be TESTED, just so us parents can form more comparisons of their little ones...

Wouldn't it be better for the poor mites to develop their own level of academia, their own personality, and be the child that was born rather than be made into little ' J Q Doodah' down the road who will obviously get straight A's in these tests for five year olds?!!!