Thursday, 4 July 2013

I Am Incensed!

What is the world coming to?

The news has been reporting that a customer received an apology from a supermarket.

Why? Because the customer was using her mobile phone when being served and the checkout assistant refused to process her shopping until her usage had finished.

The fact that this is news is ridiculous but the thing that annoys me most...and I generally don't post like this, but it had annoyed me so much, I felt I had to... the fact that bad manners have been condoned!

I think it's truly terrible that a person, using a mobile phone when receiving a service is apologised to, and given vouchers!

Now, I work in a customer based environment and I'm afraid I do wait, as do my colleagues, for the customer to finish the call/text/candy crush level before interacting with them. There is nothing...I repeat NOTHING worse than interacting with people who don't have their full attention on you! If this was your child, would you allow this during dinner/homework,or speaking to them? NO! I do believe they would be told to finish...would they not?

More so... Would the customer involved have something to say if said checkout assistant was in conversation with someone else/ using a mobile phone whilst serving? I think A LOT would be said.

I have NEVER been so disrespectful to ANYONE who I am receiving an interaction from, no matter who they are or the circumstance we are's wrong, and disrespectful. What are we teaching our children?

Said supermarket has set the wrong precedence. They should have stood by their worker, if the usage was that important, the shopping would have been left and the customer would have left the store.Unfortunately, the supermarket is one that I spend a lot of money at on a weekly basis. For this, they have lost my custom.

My family and I have better manners than this, and my children have better manners than this!
Come on, world...SORT THIS OUT!