Sunday, 28 July 2013

MMR - The Debate Of A Jab

Ok, if you are at all sensitive about the discussion about the MMR/Autism debate...please don't read on! I will spare you the irritation!

So, the debate is there a link between the MMR jab and Autism?

I had very little interest in this initially, but as time has gone on, and events that have happened, I do have my own opinion now, and here I am, about to launch my opinion on those who wish to read it.

My first born had many difficulties at birth and it was understood that a rare genetic condition was present. We travelled down that path and specialist support was put in place.

Then it was time for the MMR to be given...and so it was...along with every other vaccine available from birth. However, the problem was, first born went into trauma each time a vaccination was given.

We still went ahead with the MMR.

Eight months later, he was being assessed for autism. That was started by the specialists, we had never mentioned this, we were new parents...what did we know!

Our second born was, thankfully, developing very well, we breathed a sigh of relief and thanked our lucky stars that all seemed well. No trauma with vaccines, we were happy parents, and our happy child progressed.

And so, as our second born reached the ripe old age of MMR time, off we went, jab given went about our business.

Only a matter of hours later, during a local (thank goodness) car journey, it fell silent in the back, glancing back I expected to see a little sleeping rascal, but to my alarm saw a slumped baby, eyes open and glazed. Pulling in, and full of panic, our precious little bundle came round, confused and disorientated. We took a detour to the hospital, where we were told a massive reaction to the vaccine had occurred.

We stayed at the hospital until the doctors were content that the recovery was going in the right direction. We went home, thankfully, we don't live far from the hospital, and were told to go back if it occurred again...we didn't sleep, we couldn't sleep.

It was afterwards that everything went wrong...the health visitor noticed mobility wasn't progressing, we have no speech, and the lining up of toys began to occur shoes must be on said rascals feet at all times. We can't go into shops, the screaming will continue from entering to leaving, same with restaurants. Temper tantrums are an absolute breeze compared to meltdowns...yes...epic, and yes, there is a difference.

A walking frame was given, along with specialist equipment for the home to help mobility. Speech is still very limited, noises and grunting are used for communication while we teach makaton as we did with first born.

We have two children needing full time care...yet, our second born was developing perfectly well, and we had been so relieved.

Our third (and final!) child arrived a year ago, consultants suggested that for this rascal, all early vaccinations were to be broken down. This had to be passed by health authorities and organisations, and has been okayed. It has been agreed that we will NOT go ahead with the MMR vaccine. Our third born is showing development delay, and earlier this year began physiotherapy. We will not be taking any chances on the vaccine and the outcome this time.

We have had criticisms thrown at us for this, but I assure you all, that the only thing in our minds is the health of our children, nothing more. I have two children who are different ends of the spectrum and it's no walk in the park, we will not be taking the chance of afflicting our third child with ASD.

As far as the vaccine is concerned, it frustrates me to the hilt when I hear "but it's been discredited!"
I believe (and this is only my opinion), due to our many appointments with geneticists regarding first born's rare genetic condition, that it's much more than 'MMR causes Autism' I believe that the genetic make up of the person receiving the vaccine and the chemical mix of the vaccine has a lot to do with the negative side effects of the vaccination itself. When you think of the genes, chromosomes, genomes and mutations that can be present in people, there's much more scope to be discussed, and I imagine these discussions are going on. Unfortunately, many people aren't interested enough to read, or ask questions about this. I have an incredible interest in vaccinations, cause and effect, I  have had to due to my first born's health situation, and feel the need to express my feelings about this debate.