Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Art Of REAL Parenting- The Intro!

Well, here it is, the start of my eagerly typed 'blolumn' (blog column). I always find parenting humorous, mainly because everything you read about in those textbook, always flies in your face (including poo and baby puke). So, I had to do it, I had to write a column on parenting as I see art of sorts, but instead of explaining the steps the way textbooks do...this is my take.

Parenting is one of those jobs that you just kind of 'fall into', it doesn't matter how much information you cram into you 'baby brain' while pregnant, the books you gen up with, the advice gleaned from mother, mother-in-law's, sisters.

None of it matters...why?

Because when your little bundle is born, your life as you know it takes that nose dive that you've always heard about...that's the only true bit!

Yes, kiss goodnight to those drunken weekends away, eight-twelve hour sleeps, having a two hour pamper session and general alertness.

Say hello to a razor (when are you going to get time to wax?), ready meals and caffeine, lots of caffeine.

You will meet those mothers who's baby sleeps 14hours at a trot (yes, apparently it can happen), who's children are walking and talking way before their first birthday, and are nappy free by the age of two.

Three children later, and I still sit among debris, sleep deprived, cupboards bare and smelling of sick (yes, with hairy legs too).

The Art Of REAL Parenting is a 'proper' expression of what to expect, through MY experiences.

And don't forget, when you are at your wit's end with baby crying, teething, pooing, vomiting, sleep deprivation, exhaustion......IT'S ALL WORTH IT!