Saturday, 13 July 2013

Virtual Party Nights Guidelines

Virtual Party Nights is a real good, feel good hour long session, where we can meet, greet and chat to those who join in. We (being @vpnights) do not want to have to block followers for behaviour that is considered unacceptable, so here are the guidelines to adhere to, so, please read the bullet points below, stick to them so we can all have a jolly good time! Many thanks!


Follow @vpnights and receive tweets which are appropriately linked with Virtual Party Nights. Reminders will be posted on twitter on the lead up to Virtual Party Nights each week.
When taking part in the conversation, each tweet should end with #vpnights unless it is a personal message, try not to used any @ handles during the party, as this can cause many complications in a conversation.

  • Please be aware of your language, no racist, disablist or obscene's just not nice.
  • No personal attacks on other followers
  • No trolling
  • No links to sites that are distasteful
  • No tweets that break the law
  • Post lovely messages
  • Share links to your blog/website
  • Retweet as much as you so desire
  • Have great fun!
If you feel that someone has been disrespectful, and you wish to flag this up, please DM @vpnights or email and the situation will be looked into and dealt with.

Currently running:
Virtual Party Friday
Every Friday 8-9pm (GMT)
follow: @vpnights