Saturday, 20 July 2013

Virtual Party Nights- Week 6 19/07/2013

Well, howdy doody!
The sun was still shining.
The night was still warm.
But it didn't stop @vpnights followers from tuning in at 8pm!
And what a good night was had!

Listing the party goers today is going to take a huge effort!....

I remember my very first week hosting Virtual Party Nights, ONE other person and I had a lovely chat and chuckle, the following week, two people joined in. It has gradually grown to last night, which was the sixth week of hosting, with twenty three active participants, and a further two dipped in at the end.

For those who don't know the concept of Virtual Party Nights, I'll give a brief detail.

I created @vpnights (#vpnights) for those who struggled to get out and socialise. Myself, as a parent of three special needs children (my Three Little Rascals) I find it increasingly difficult to venture to a bar with pals, be it due to my Rascals needs or be it pure exhaustion on my part, I tend not to get out much, however, I do want to have a little chat about anything and nothing once in a while. So, I created Virtual Party Nightsfor those in my situation, and those who have special needs themselves, or a broken leg, and basically for anybody who so desired to join in. Its a great place to meet others and generally network! You never know who you might meet!

Virtual Party Nights runs every Friday night 8-9pm (GMT)

So, my partgoer's this week were:

and ME! @katesvie- (and @vpfri #vpfri)

This week the majority of partygoer's were bloggers, but, we do have a couple of non bloggers who come along too. The majority were from the UK, however, one devoted lady was checking in from Texas, while having her hair done and sipping a mimosa...way to go!

Our topic of conversation this week was bars (pubs), name your favourite, and why...
This lasted approximately three minutes, before chat, madness and mayhem erupted into our true style of Virtual Party Friday! So, eventually, our conversation ranged from bars (pubs) to multicoloured space invader crisps, from Pinterst weddings to eggs on toast! With many a food being virtually passed around and a shopping list being generated for a trip to the shops, with a buffet in mind!

One thing I find with party night, is the conversation is much more interesting and diverse, when the chat emerges naturally.

I now consider the party feed to be like a pub, so many converstaions going on, you can just jump from 'table' to 'table' it doesn't matter if you can't interact with everyone, just wander in, and enjoy yourself!

Want to join in?
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