Saturday, 27 July 2013

Virtual Party Nights The Great BritMums Live Debate

Hi party goers!

What a wonderful chat it was that took place last night! 

All in all we had 17 (very) active party goers with one person standing on the come and join in, don't be shy!

The discussion began with where in the world would you like to be? Some lovely places were mentioned: Spain, Antigua, and a nice beer garden with pals were amongst the suggestions. For me, I would quite like to be on a lovely tropical island, soft white sand, turquoise sea and my husband and little people with me. That would be utterly wonderful. 

However, unfortunately we're not, but we are in a country that is having absolutely outstanding weather at the moment, don't know about you, but everyone seems to be quite happy and content at the moment. The sunshine brings out the best in people!

So, on to food and drink as usual, and apart from the odd glass of wine floating around, we enjoyed a good slurp of Pepsi, along with cake (much cake) and chocolate and of course, good old Pringles.

Our discussions gradually ventured towards BritMums Live 2014...'already!' I hear you exclaim. Yes! Because the early bird ticket price ends on Wednesday. So it's the final panic! Can you go? Family attendance seemed to be a big focus, some people who live away from London feel n comfortable about leaving their babies, and of course husband! So, some are thinking of taking family with them, and daddy can maybe take babies for a day trip while the conference is on.

It's a big decision, tickets aren't cheap, even for an early bird, and myself having three little ones with special needs, it could be disastrous hiking around London with them. So, the jury is still out for me. 

There are many positive comments about BritMums Live, and having watched the video, it looks like great fun...if only it was in a more central location, it would be more accessible for those from the north of the country. 

If you are travelling a fair distance, it could be over night stays from Thursday night to Sunday, which could turn out to be pricey, add your travel onto that, and it goes up further. However, the connections you make and the blogger pals you can meet makes it all worth it! 

So, what's your plan? To go or not to go...that is the question!