Saturday, 17 August 2013


It's been a little while since I did a post, and I've actually got a few to put on here, and my other blogs, so please do hang on in there and when my little Rascals give me a minute (or ten!) I will engross myself in my blog yet again.

While I'm here, I'm hoping that you're all well, and have been enjoying our lovely hot weather if you're in the UK, and staying nice and warm in your Winter months for my readers in New Zealand!

I have some posts coming up for you all. Two reviews, a charity post, a driving songs post that my blogging pal Gina Caro from tagged me into and my update on my Goddiva dress and being glam....and of course my blolumn on The real art of parenting!

So, I really need to lock myself in a dark, I do need a light to see my keyboard, and begin to completely bombard you with posts!

So, this is my warning check prepared!!!!!