Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Ultimate Summer Driving List

Well, have I had to get my thinking cap on folks....because those who know me, know how much I lurve my tunes, and they also know that I have a very wide taste in music!

So, the lovely Gina from Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies invited me to join this meme.

I got so excited! then, when I started to write the post, I noticed just how many I had, then its taken so long to narrow it down!

So, having thought about R. Kelly's Ignition which was a long time fave of mine, and of course the trendy Kings of Leon has some rocking tunes, and the song The Climb, sung by anyone, is close to my heart. I left my heart with Nirvana when I was younger, and I love Pie Jesu sung by (almost) anyone! Then I considered Amy Macdonald's This is The Life, and Portishead's Glorybox, not to mention EVERYTHING by Adele. Then all music by Pharrell Williams...old and new...and Rudimental deserves a mention too!

See how hard this is!

My nearest and dearest roll their eyes when a tune comes on and I excitedly pipe up "oh this is my favourite!" because I say it so often!

So, the moment you've been waiting top five are as follows:

The Eagles- One of these Nights
Because I love the Eagles, and this tune gets me each makes me want to drive through America at night!

Brassed Off- Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez
I just LOVE IT. I adore the way this piece of music makes me feel...I have heard it played by guitar, piano and even flute...nothing beats this one!

Santana- Smooth (feat Rob Thomas)
Need I say more? Get your windows down, and a bit of fantastic guitar playing from the one and only it will  fill you with cuban vibes!

Swedish House Mafia- Don't you worry child-
I know it's recent, and I told you I had a wide range of tastes in music, but just you try not to like want to be there too don't you!

David Guetta- Titanium
Oh how I love this tune, catchy, memorable and just had to be on this list!

So, I'm going to tag in people who I think would have a rather interesting taste in music, like me!

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