Sunday, 18 August 2013

Teen Beach Movie - Review

So, the excitement of another small parcel dropping through my letterbox exploded into a medley of tunes!

Yes, Teen Beach Movie, the CD arrived, and on it went, immediately.

Now, I loved the movie Grease, and as a youngster, it was imperative that every word to every song was learnt, and sung at the exact time according to the song, and each and every jiggle, step and wiggle was learnt to the nth degree.

I can see a whole new generation of wigglers performing to Teen Beach Movie!

This CD is catchy from the word go! The music played out as we BBQ'd in the garden with the little ones splashing in the paddling pool and it was fantastic! It added so much more to the already happy atmosphere.
Little ones and adults alike jigged about as the music played just can't help it!

It also sprung to mind of a party aimed at 6+ year old girls. The dancing fever would most certainly be gripping to all, adults included!

So, if you have young girls who are striving to be the next big thing, extremely glamorous or generally love singing and dancing, then Teen Beach Movie is going to be a BIG hit.

Also, the CD comes with a little booklet in the front bearing the lyrics! so they will feel soooo good, knowing that they've got the words spot on!

DISCLOSURE: I received this CD free of charge courtesy of Rock and Roll Baby World to listen to and review on my blog.