Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Crumpled Traveller

I don't understand it.

It irritates the living day lights out of me.

It is the crumpled traveller!

I'm no stranger to air travel, train travel or coach travel, and I really enjoy (as long as no rascals are with me!) the enforced peace and quiet. I love the fact that I have that much time to spend on me, only me.
I love to preen, lotion and potion, groom, read, relax, observe, write, tidy. 

It is wonderful that I don't have to tidy a house, Hoover, cook, wash. 

I have all that travelling time to me.

So, my point in question?

WHY OH WHY do people alight from these trips in a crumpled mess of human?

I once observed a very elegant lady board the same aircraft as myself. She sat near me and I instantly envied her pristine linen suit, and fabulous shoes. Her hair was beautifully coiffed and her make up was perfect. She carried with her designer hand luggage and in there, I noticed a clear bag holding make up, and such what....a lady after my own heart.

As the flight departed, she instantly grabbed a blanket, got herself settled and headed herself for a snooze. 

I wanted to shout to her....NO!

Her perfect hair squashed against the seat...she didn't flinch, simply closed her eyes and headed into slumberland.

Throughout the flight, she slept. She missed food, drinks, and didn't stand once to keep the blood circulating. 

I spent the flight trying out my new face spritz which I had bought in departures, reading a book I had wanted to pick up for months, watching a film, having a nice glass of wine, eating some delicious food, and just before landing, I refreshed my makeup and hair and smoothed my clothes, making sure I looked presentable before I left the plane.

Then It happened.

The woman woke up.

Oh my word.

It was a disaster.

From top to bottom.

Her hair was plastered, flat to her the back only. All the lacquer doing a great job of sticking the hair firmly to her scalp. The sides, however, had decided to stick out, creating an extreme volume effect each side of her head. Unfortunately, the eye mask that she had decided to don had also left a lovely indent around the circumference of her head.

Said eye mask also had not done her any favours. The mascara (lots of) had decided to wander, having been pushed around her eye area...creating an effect that even a panda would have been mortified about. 

Then the suit....the suit was damaged beyond belief. The deep creases would never be removed.

What a difference.

What a shame.

This wonderfully elegant woman looked like she had been sleeping rough for days with the company of a bottle of whiskey. 

Here ends my note of irritation.

This has made me endeavour, whenever travelling, to use the time wisely and always look as good, if note better on leaving my mode of transport!