Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bathroom Jenga

Have you ever played Bathroom Jenga?

It's NOT a good game!

If I have any words of advice to give to a prospective bathroom designer, top of my list would be:

"Don't fit a bathroom cabinet directly above the lavatory"

Well, it looked fantastic, very sophisticated, infact I would go as far as saying...stunning! look at.

Then the whole 'Jenga' game started.

You open the cabinet door, out falls the dental floss....

....then you realise the toilet lid was up as you hear the splash.

You curse a little, bin the floss and lower the toilet lid.

After adding the floss onto the shopping list again, the following night, you open the cabinet door, haul out your toothbrush, only to find it was lovingly entangled with your other halfs toothbrush...which decides to take a nose dive....

...then, yet again, the tell tail splash informs you the darn seat was up AGAIN!

So, now you have floss and toothbrush on the shopping list.

Now, the next one is the killer...

You use the toilet, and reaching to flush, you bang your head on the open door of said cabinet, causing half the contents to heroically jump from the cabinet, experiencing the toiletries version of white water rafting in the Niagra Falls.

Standing forlornly waving goodbye to your favourite lipstick, new earrings and that oh so loved bottle of nail varnish from Outer Mongolia, which has been discontinued for nineteen years.

It's an absolute disaster...with three lessons learnt:

1. Don't put anything in the bathroom cabinet if it is situated directly above your lavatory- just keep it empty!

2. Never lift the toilet lid if the cabinet door is open.

3. Never open the cabinet if the toilet lid is up.

....Just saying!...