Saturday, 21 September 2013

What Colour Is 'I Love You'?

I was in the garage recently, when I caught sight of some tinsel. 

Oh yes, it will soon be here! Christmas: decorations, party atmosphere, stress!

But the tinsel reminded me of something much warmer, so beautiful it would melt the coldest of hearts.

My eldest rascal, (who has ASD) associates everything with colour. Everything has to have a colour; from a favourite cartoon character to the number 8.


While staying with gran one night, after tucking rascal into bed, 'I love you's' were exchanged.

Just as gran was leaving the room, #1 rascal asked:

"Gran, what colour is I love you?"

Gran thought about it and replied:

"We'll, it's the most beautiful colours in the world. It's blue and pink and orange with sparkles and yellow and green, and lots and lots of other beautiful colours"

#1 rascal was happy with that answer, smiled and settled down.

A few weeks later, it was approaching Christmas, and #1 rascal and gran were shopping together, when suddenly rascal stopped eyes wide open, a huge beaming smile.

"Look gran! Look! Look!" Rascal ran a little way ahead and picked up some sparkly, colourful tinsel
"Look gran! IT'S I LOVE YOU!"

The tinsel had to be bought, and rascal held it lovingly all the way home.

A piece was cut of and put in rascals school bag, so 'I love you' was always there.

We will never part with 'I love you'.

It's one of the most special things we have about Christmas and has such a wonderful meaning to us.