Friday, 4 October 2013

Locked Out Often?.....

It's been one of those days for a few weeks now.....continuously.

Now, I think there should be a law against this. This rubbish day thing that goes on and on and on.

It becomes one of those weeks/months/years.

Well, my one of those days features keys today...a lack of them....and a locked door.

We've all done it before haven't we? Where we reach into our bag and search around not the depths...nothing.

We shake said bag a little with our heads cocked slightly to one side to try to catch a whisper of keys tinkling together....nothing.

But no...we don't stop there do we...we then kneel down at the front door and empty all of our private possessions onto the path in the hope that the silver shiny item will appear in front of our very eyes...nothing.

It's only then do you begin to accept that you don't have your keys. Looking in the front window, you see them. 

Yes. You remember now, you put them on the mantelpiece before answering your mobile as you ran out of the door, dropping the latch after you.

Well, I can confirm that that's never happened to me!!!! Honestly!!!

I have only ever locked myself in.


I know.

My first experience of this was in winter. The snow was about two feet deep and I was eight months pregnant with #2 rascal.

I was dashing to get out of the house to drop #1 rascal at nursery and I came to the massive stumbling block of getting out of the house.

Now, The Husband started work very early, and had locked the door behind him.

I was home alone, wrapped up like the Michelin man, with my tiny sidekick who couldn't bend arms or legs in the snowsuit.


Then I had a flashback. On my way back from work the day before I recalled my bag taking a tumble off the front seat. When I got home, I  had scooped all of my belongings back not my bag and slip slides into the open front door.

I realised that my house keys were probably sleeping rough in the car.

Standing at my front window and looking forlornly at my car, I noticed my neighbours were doing the school run.

I waved my arms about in the hope they would realise something was up....they didn't.

After waving just as enthusiastically back, they drove off.

There was just one other option. I opened the front window and climbed onto the windowsill. I gingerly lowered myself over the window ledge into the thick snow and waddled to my car.

I opened my car door, and there shone my keys.

I opened my front door and entered. My little one, sitting on the floor quite bewildered!

Thankfully #1rascal was far to young to understand what happened, and not by any means mobile, so there were no worries of copying.

.....well, it happened again.

Today, I have been locked mission 'Key search' begins. 

I never do anything ordinarily!