Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wellies and Peppa Pig

Blimey! The autumn has hit with a vengeance! Torrential rain, gales and puddles.


My rascals have discovered Peppa pig...I guess it gives me a break from Mickey Mouse, but my goodness, I feel like I'm a close family friend of the Pig's.

All this is great, and they sure do keep my rascals entertained, however, I do have a bone to pick with Peppa.


Now, my children wear piedro boots. These boots are 'special' boots which my children need to help them walk. You may, or may not have read my post titled 'How Long Does It Take Shoes To Dry'....so,Peppa, I have written you a little letter:

Dear Peppa Pig,

All three of my children love to watch the shenanigans that you and your adorable little brother George get up to. And I do appreciate that your show helps me cook dinner (it becomes a little difficult with children hanging off your limbs), however, your love of jumping in muddy puddles is causing me a little* strife.

I have noticed that neither you nor George wear Piedro boots. I do believe that if either of you did, neither Mummy Pig or Daddy Pig would encourage you to jump in muddy puddles. The drying time on these boots are at least a week if I am not around when these puddles are being stood in.

I also realise that neither you nor George have any additional needs, therefore, when Mummy Pig asks you to put on your wellies to jump in said puddles, after a (very) short time, said wellies are on.
Non of my children understand the concept of wellies or reason. And heaving them out of the muddy puddle leads to an enormous meltdown, resulting in child relaxing all muscles and landing right in the middle of the muddy puddle, followed by two and a half hours of irrational screaming.

so, not only do I have excrutiatingly saturated heavy duty 'special' shoes, but a VERY dirty, VERY wet child, who now is in the middle of an epic meltdown.

Why? Because they are being Peppa.

Kind Regards,
One harassed, agitated, special needs(x3) parent.

* trying to play it down....