Monday, 14 October 2013

Who's Party Is It?

Our eldest rascal was recently invited to their first ever birthday party since being at their special school.

I was rather optimistic about rascal attending said party and was quite excited myself. Meeting new parents and rascals new friends.

So, as rascal is completely oblivious as to what day it is, never mind the events occurring, we began to talk about the party.

"Is S* going to party?" Rascal asked, to which I replied that I didn't know, it was B's* birthday party, I didn't know who would be attending.

Rascal looked solemn, pondering the fact that we didn't know who was going to the party.

"Is it S's birthday party?" Rascal enquired, to which I responded that no, it wasn't, it was B's birthday party.

Rascal chewed over this for hours, before forgetting about it.

Each day, I brought up the subject of going to B's birthday party, to remind and prepare rascal for the impending event.

Each day I was asked the same question "will S be there" and "is it S's birthday party?"

My final reply was " No sweetheart, it is somebody else's birthday party"

I thought nothing more of the subject until the day of the party. 

Off we went, talking at length of B and the party. Who might be there, and what might occur.

The party went as well as could be expected, and yes, S was there, thank goodness!

However, on returning, we called in at grans house.

And with the same enthusiasm, gran asked rascal....

"Have you been to a birthday party!!!"

"Yes" responded an aloof rascal

" who's birthday was it?"Asked gran

"Somebody else's" replied rascal

Rascal sure did want it to be S's birthday party!!!

(Note... * shows that I have not revealed the true name or identity)