Friday, 3 January 2014

Past Reflections and New Beginnings

Well, for a start, Happy New Year to all of my readers, thankyou so much for reading and sticking with me through my break from blogging! I look at my stats and you guys are amazing! Thanks so much!

So, looking at past reflections, I have learnt so much from the past year.

With all of our little rascals having their difficulties, I was given the best piece of advice ever. My health visitor turned to us as she was leaving and said; "be careful who you surround yourself with".

It puzzled me at first, but boy, I started to look at those around me, and my jaw dropped!

Some people who you'd think would be there through thick and thin can't deal with our situation. They simply don't know what to say or how to support, so instead of simply asking, have taken off, turbo style, never to be spoken to again!

Others who we knew would be there, have been, and try whatever they can to help out, be it a lunch meet up to help save our sanity, or a couple of wines on an evening; looking after our rascals or supporting through an appointment.

Others who we were exceptionally doubtful of have surprised us and have rallied, offering assistance in various forms. 

It really has been an eye opener, and being honest with others about what we have on our plate has stirred the 'flight or fight' in many, many friends.

So, to the new beginnings.

This coming year will be full of hope in our rascals, faith in medical intervention and charity from us supporting those who support us.

We will build our support network, fully appreciate those who are there for us, and allow those who aren't to go. We won't hang on to friendships or acquaintances which are not good, or don't bring karma and peace into our lives and we won't entertain those intending to make our lives difficult.

We are still going through our finding out stage, and it will continue until we know that we have only those who will support us, and be there for us through our good times and bad times. 

This year is a building on minimalism in our surroundings, serenity in our lives and acceptance of what will be, will be.

It's really quite liberating, and already we have have begun.

So, thank you to our supportive pals who read this, you know who you are, and you mean the world to us.....but you know that already! X