Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Art Of Head Tilting

So is the head tilt perhaps the most expressive notion of conversation? Perhaps so!

Let me discuss the head tilt with you. It's funny, patronising, aggressive and generally an all weather expressive!

The first one that I'll mention is the  'I'm listening....honest' head tilt. I think that most of you with a long term partner, husband, wife or child will recognise this one. 
My husband did this the other day. It's fabulous. I'm going to try it more.
"So, I replied, in a very pleasant tone...." I stop, mid conversation, while showing him an email that I had received, to notice that his head was turned toward my computer but his eyes were firmly glued to the football.
"Are you listening to me at all? Or are you more interested in that football bouncing into the crowd?" I questioned
"No, no, go on, I'm listening" he responded while eyes still glued to the TV, yet head facing me. And to set the record straight no, the tv is not above or behind my head.

The next one is the "awww" head tilt.
There are certain types of people who do this a lot. These are the people who, when approaching you to enquire of your wellbeing already have this pose before they get to you.
I know that when these people spot you a mile off, they put their head down to their shoulder and generally ask in a very sympathic tone how you are. These people are sure to get tears from you, because they have 'that way about them'

My third head tilt is the "Reaaalllyyy!" Head tilt.
These people are the nosiest people in the world! Generally, when you are discussing something of interest and they are in the vicinity, they will come closer and slightly move their face to the left or right while looking you straight in the face. (Usually avoiding eye contact if they are involved negatively). They want to glean as much information from you as possible, so unless they are a pal, and you can chuckle about it, be careful!

The 'head down' head tilt.
This one purely means that this person has fallen asleep. They are bored witless and if you just tap them of the foot with your foot, you'll realise that they've dropped off....oh well

Well, that's enough of my head tilting analysis, and before I cure your insomnia, and you adopt the 'head down' head tilt, I'll finish now! Goodnight!