Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fashion? I Most Certainly Think Not!

Now, before I start, I know that I should never ever be astounded by any fashion that comes off the catwalk. There are some weird and wonderful concoctions, and each time the new season's style is released, there's always one style that gets the little head shake from me.

This one really takes the biscuit. Whilst flicking through a haute couture magazine, amongst Dian Von Furstenberg and Givenchy, a page...yes, a full page jumped out at me, and a glimpse was all it took.

I think I'm still in shock.

Our on-trend, fashion 'experts' have decided that to embrace spring and pop a bit of 'fun' into that that elegantly classic outfit you need to pair it with......


I jest ye not.

So, there infront of my face, amongst the fabulously extravagant high end of designer clothing was a female in blouse and dungarees with the thickest pair of grey socks (possibly welly socks) and what could well be described (in my youth) as Jesus sandals.

 Now, don't get me wrong, I love a new trend and I love attempting to adapt it to my style, but there are limits, and for me, socks and sandals are crossing them. 

We all remember those holidays where the heat was to rival the equator, a trip to the beach, and there it was, in full view, the pasty bloke with the shorts and socks and sandals. Now, there will be no giggling, there will be no Mickey take, how dare you? He's bang on trend! 

In fact, at least his socks were short ones weren't they? And what about the woman with the tights and sandals, her toes pushing the reinforced toe bit of the tights. They were always thicker brown tights with white sandals. Will that then be our summer trend? 

I fear for the style of our fellow fashion followers. I can see us all stepping out dressed like Where's Wally come winter!