Friday, 21 February 2014

My Congratulations Message...Who From?

So here was I meandering through my frantically mundane daily life, and realised that I hadn't seen my twitter feed for so long (sorry to all those that I follow on twitter!) so, I thought I'd do a bit of a catch up.

I only had to sign into my iPad when....welly! It hit me between the eyes (not a welly exactly- just a turn of phrase) I had messages on twitter...oh yes I did!

I had messages beginning with 'congratulations'!

Well, I was already married, so it wasn't that.
I certainly wasn't pregnant, so it wasn't that.
It wasn't a big birthday.
I hadn't changed my job.
I hadn't won the lottery.

So what in the world could it be?

No, I didn't really ponder for a full five minutes before opening the message, I literally dove in, desperate to know what I was being congratulated for.

Well, what a wonderful thing I discovered! It was a message intitially from MAD Blog Awards to congratulate me for being nominated for Blog Of The Year! 

Blog Of The Year! 

I have one thing to say:

A massive THANKYOU!

I would say like to write it in every language of my readers, but at the risk of unintentionally offending through spelling errors, I will simply like to list (in no particular order) the countries who have been supporting my blog by reading frequently! So, here goes (deep breath):

United Kingdom
United States,
Hong Kong,

So, with a great yelp of thanks, I'd like to tell my new readers, who maybe don't know, what this is all about.

If you totter on over to '' and hit that nomination button, I would be forever grateful if you would throw that nomination my way. 

The way this works is that MAD Blog Awards puts out a nomination form on their website. You nominate your favourite blog ( and then sit pretty.
Once the nomination form has closed (14th March 2014 11.59pm GMT) they will chose the blogs with the most nominations to go through to the final. The voting process will then begin (if I get that far, I will talk you through this too!).

So, again, many, many thanks to those who have nominated me so far, and to those who haven't done so yet, please do! 

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