Saturday, 15 February 2014

Oh Boy...It's That Time Of Year Again....

...where I get down on my knees and beg....well, if I was a dog, maybe, but as I am a fully grown adult I shall demurely, shyly and quietly point you in the direction of the MAD Blog awards. (I'm pointing to the link below....)

If you enjoy reading my little pieces, please do nominate me for the MAD Blog awards, which is run by Parentdish ( I've been lucky enough to have had some of my articles published by them in the past). It's for those mammies and daddies who like writing blogs (usually about the mischief of their little ones or certainly the trials of being a parent!) and although my blog has touched on parenting, I often get caught off kilter a little and find mundane daily life more humerous than it should be, and oops! Another post is born!

So, please, if you enjoy my writing, click on the link above and give me a nomination!

Much appreciated .....(wait for the kisses....)


(Share them nicely folks!)

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