Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Great Plans....Kept?

So, New Years resolutions, that's what I'm talking about!

During the frantic December stress out, we reprimand ourselves for not being more organised; not starting our Christmas shopping earlier, spending too much, eating too much junk, not eating enough good food, drinking too much, sleeping too little, not exercising enough, losing our tempers too much and being altogether out of control of every aspect of our lives.

We stress about the presents we didn't buy, the family that stay for weeks and won't leave, the children bruising themselves on the ceiling because they are so highly strung on E numbers, the constant mess, the constant high noise level, the fact that normal life still has to resume with all this chaos around us...


So, bring on December 31st; it's an all out massacre of everything unhealthy in our lives, on that day, the binge of all binges takes place; the chocolates are demolished, Christmas leftovers gone, the drinks cabinet raided, staying up until 3,4,5.... 6am partying. All because tomorrow it's January 1st.

January 1st! It's like an apocalypse in each household.

However, in rolls a new year, rather sleepily, dragging it's sorry butt behind it. 

What happened to the new beginnings and apparently a whole new life!

So, slumping on the sofa, warding off the hangover, the plans begin. We all need that notepad and pen after all, perish the thought we might forget to not drink that one night....best to note it down.

Drinking copious amounts of caffeine (black coffee, no sugar, remember....resolutions!) to try and jolt us into inspiration.

This time we're going to stick at it...aren't we?

Now, we're into February....over half way through, actually. How many of us have actually stuck to the 'plan'?

Suddenly the gym is a bit less busy, the alcohol aisle is a little busier, and you're throwing out those uneaten apples once again, aren't you!

Personally, I'm still on the runway, the plans are still in place, but my airplane just can't take off.

This made me wonder, it made me question why at the start of the new year has the plans got to be made? Surely they can be made at any time and be adhered to.

Come the middle of February, most peoples resolutions have disintegrated months ago. The ironic thing is, we can't just pick them up again can we? No....

We've got to wait until the next New Year comes by and start all over again! After all, they are 'New Years' resolutions!

How are your plans doing? 

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