Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Price Of Love....Does Soar!

Well, Friday rings in the day of love and romance, of togetherness and treats...

...Of extortionately priced greetings cards and restaurants filled to the rafters with love birds.

Yes. I recall falling for this marketing propaganda when I was a young love struck teenager. In fact, I recall buying a few cards and sitting in my room in the week leading up to the 'big day' collecting hundreds of sickly sweet rhymes and practising drawing romantic doodles to adorn my said cards with. 

I also recall the boys to whom I gave them...we'll move swiftly on!..

So, as the years go by, and the older you get, the more married you become, and the more children you bear, the motivation to adhere to this delightful day runs out...rapidly.

I passed a card shop yesterday and a plain red balloon floated into my vision. I'm sure it was twice the price as last week (second born rascals birthday balloons) the HUGE cards (note the emphasis) in your face as you look for a simple floral birthday card for great aunt Ethel.

Now, I have been shouted down about my agitation about Valentines Day. I know that there are some love birds out there that thoroughly enjoy the whole romance and draining of the wallet, but I strongly disagree with it all.

I have spent many a valentine night stuffed into an Italian Restaurant with the valentines menu placed before me. 
Instead of the air being full of love and romance, flowers, romantic music and delicate perfume, mingling with aromas of delicious garlic bread hot out of the oven, my only experience was that of a crammed restaurant, needing a breath of air through the tightly closed windows (which were completely steamed up), smelling the BO of the rotund gent who's chair was so close to mine, I felt in was having dinner with him instead (I knew exactly what had happened durning his day) and the bloke with the banjo and roses that cost a fiver each who asked us four times if we wanted to buy one (they were artificial). 
Eventually, when my meal came, the pasta was still a little too hard. Even at my young age, I knew it was meant to be soft and warm...you weren't supposed to crunch it. And the chicken was still frozen.
When my other half asked for the bill, and we paid the £60 ...yes, ouch! We left and vowed never to put ourselves through it again. Which we haven't.

So, if I owned a card business, I would be thrilled with this time of year and I would be quite happy to flaunt my goods to love struck fools, but I don't so I won't, and they certainly won't be getting my pennies...or should I say pounds any more!