Thursday, 10 April 2014

What's That Smell?

So, it's that moment, you know, when you're just at the beginning of a long journey, three children shoe-horned into the back seat , the boot packed to the rafters. Bags of snacks at the feet of the passenger, and you're set. Pulling onto the motorway with no services in sight, you settle back to enjoy the ride.

It's at that point when the waft of a filled nappy creeps up your nose. 

Rolling your eyes, you hope to be able to bear it until you come to a layby. 

The smell gets stronger and you put down the window to inhale some fresh air.

The strangest thing is, all children in the back are really quite happy, which is unusual for filled nappies. Hey ho.

The truth emerges when one little one asks for a sweetie. You reach for the bag open it and BOOM the smell hits you like a brick.

It then dawns on you. Remember asking hubby to put the orange carrier bag on the left in the front of the car and the orange carrier bag on the right in the bin? Well, he was facing you, so he did right really...

Yep, the sweeties, crisps and juice are lying in the bottom of the bin, while the bag of dirty nappies are on a five hour journey with you.