Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Where Can I Buy An Ego?

I want one!

So many people have them these days, and I'd like to know where I can buy one! 

It's everywhere you go: work, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, social media. There are so many people sporting ego's, some bigger than others, but all fairly ugly.

I love psychology, in all forms, but the one thing that I'm interested in the most is human behaviour. We are so interesting to watch! People change their personalities to suit those around them, how appalling is that! 

Egos' are my observation of choice at the moment. They are very amusing. It's often noticed that senior members of staff in all establishments have an ego. I was shopping recently and heard a supervisor giving an assistant a verbal dressing down, which was wholly inappropriate, not only in her manner, but in location. Frequently, during the one way conversation, the supervisor repeated the fact that she was the senior. I did speak to the assistant and told her exactly how I felt about the whole scenario, which she replied had made her feel much better. I had explained to her that the only person who was made to look a fool was the supervisor herself. 

I don't want an ego that has you disrespect people.

Now, to me, it really has no relevance as to the position a person holds in a work place, every person should be treat and spoken to in a respectable manner, bar none.

In a restaurant, I witnessed a group of people who left because they had not been served as quickly as they felt they should have been- nowhere was it shown that the food would be produced in under ten minutes of being seated. The food had been ordered, and the customers left. Who did they think they were? These customers showed themselves to be arrogant and rude, nothing other. 

I don't want an ego that behaves badly like this.

Bars are a great place to watch the egos'! They attend in mass!. Really people should be charged double to enter a club, one entrance fee for themselves and another for their ego. They feel good about themselves, obviously, their dress is fabulous, the shoes; stunning, the hair and make up top notch, but the attitude stinks, and what a concern, these egos don't allow you to smile at all in bars! The speaking is done with eyes only, no expression of enjoyment or fun to be visible at all. 

I don't want an unfriendly ego.

Social media. This is a biggie. What do you see on your feed? Self promotion. It's a matter of who has the best life, best holidays, best clothes, best photos, best family, most talented children. Egos'. Everywhere. Then there's the friend requests. Putting the power into other peoples hands when you ask to friend them. How awful. Egos'.

I don't want an ego that holds power like that.

So, having thought, looked, assessed, I don't think I want to buy an ego anymore, you can keep them!