Friday, 2 May 2014

Such A Beautiful Day?

It was one of those mornings, no children in the house, a whole two hours to pamper myself before starting my daily messages slog.

I plunged myself into the steaming shower, I was determined to go the whole hog. Hair mask on, expensive smellies at the ready. And off I started.

The pampering was well underway, the hair was being straightened, the lotions and potions applied. Then the biggie....

Out came the makeup bag...oh yes, this pamper session was not to be sniffed at. The moisturiser, the foundation, even the mascara was not to be left out. The clothes, beautifully pressed, the perfume,the jewelry. All ready to go on. A glance out of the window told me that a beautiful day was awaiting me.

Some upbeat music on, I jostled around the room, nothing could dampen my spirits. 

Clinking and jingling, my accessories and I jiggled down the stairs selecting the heeled shoes that would make me feel six feet tall, the startling yellow short jacket was on hand. The yellow colour reflecting my sunny mood. 

Humming a wonderfully summery tune, I selected my handbag of choice, and momentarily pausing, pondering the selection of an, I could feel the sunshine in my soul, I stepped out of the house and into my car.

I didn't even notice it as I drove, concentrating on the other traffic and my surroundings. I didn't notice it as I flipped the sun visor away from the windscreen. I didn't notice it as I sang out loud to my favourite sunny weather tunes.

I only noticed it as I got out of the car and took a few steps. 

That's when the deluge of rain decided to unleash from the sky, plastering my hair to my head, sliding my makeup down my face and finally drenching my jacket so much that I smelt of wet dog.

It's just one of those days!

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