Friday, 6 June 2014

That Little Helping Hand

It's at that moment, when your toddler insists on 'helping', when your life flashes before your eyes.

It's imperative that the house is tidy, the garden is in a respectful condition and you have T-3 seconds to get it done, with three lively little ones at home.

That's what a challenge is about!

Tonight it was the battle of the watering cans. Rascal number 2 was adamant that the yellow ducky watering can would be the can of choice to water our many, many plants and flowers. 

It holds about 3 teaspoons of water....max.

The battle for the outside tap begun with a fight, mother holding the large watering can tight to the outlet, while rascal pulled and heaved with accompanied screaming thrown in for good effect. Once the large watering can was full, I humoured said child by filling up the ducky.

Big grin on face, we were off, to the front of the house.

This job should have taken ten minutes, max.

Not tonight. 

Rascal #2 decided that they should be the first to water any plant that I would stand at, hence ducky emptied. 

Ducky needed re-filling.

Rascal doesn't understand the whole patience malarkey hence chooses to bypass it in life.

I explained that I would help ducky water the plant, and proceeded to empty my watering can into the pot.

This didn't please rascal #2

The scream was a little whimper at first, scaling up to a full on wail by the time the last drip had hit the soil. Facing down the street, the wail echoed in the quietness as a few curtains began to twitch.

Ushering rascal into the garden for a top up, the wailing ceased momentarily and the 3 teaspoons of water were replenished. Filling my can up, we once again headed to the thirsty plants. 

But disaster struck. Due to the flailing arms swinging ducky, ducky had emptied the water, not only on the path, but on rascals head.

The wail emerged once again as the baby soft fur stuck, to rascals face. The pet lip protruding and quivering.

An about turn took us to the utility room where rascals hair was dried and rascal was armed with ducky, another refill on the cards.

After explaining in great details the trials of swinging a water filled ducky above your head, it seemed fairly clear that rascal wouldn't attempt to make ducky 'fly' again.

En route we went, once more to said plants.

A moment of piece and quiet was had while we watered in silence, until I realised that the was no rascal with a ducky near me. Rascal was trying to water the neighbours terrified cat. 

The cat fled, ducky flew through the air and rascals mouth opened to allow the loudest yell in the history of tantrums to emerge. At this point, neighbours opened their doors as I grabbed rascal around the waist and ran into the garden. After calming down, we agreed that we would water the baskets that hung in the air, then we were finished.

Off we went. Ducky being cuddled, thankfully remaining empty, rascal staying close to my heels.

That's when it all unravelled in the most disasterous way. As I tilted the watering can, gingerly above rascal and myself, my hand slipped. The watering can upended and both rascal and me were drenched, from head to toe in water, whilst the hanging basket stayed bone dry.

We looked at each other and after recovering for the icy cold shock, beamed and dissolved into laughter.

One thing I do hope is that seeing as the watering can also had miracle grow- I wonder how tall we'll be in the morning! I could do with a bit more height!