Sunday, 15 June 2014

"What's the weather like?"

I lounged by the pool as the cool breeze washed over me, the lap of the pool water gently hitting the tiled edge, the giggle of children splashing each other.

That is the life.

Thirty degree heat, a smile on every ones faces. Summer holidays. Can't beat them.

Apart from...

That wonderful scenario, let's get back to it....

The smells...wonderful Mediterranean food cooking: fish, grilled meat, roasted vegetables. Wonderful, the sound of cutlery and crockery, the clink of glasses. The gentle rustling of the palm tree leaves above your head, above the umbrella, fluttering in the breeze, the mobile phone....

The mobile phone?

Oh, yes.

"Hello!" Spoke a very polite voice
"Eeeeeee! Hi! Are ya alright!" The same voice adapted to conform to the person on the end of the line
"What ya doin'?" Giggling and gasps of shock, before the question. The inevitable question.

Now, I don't need to know the answer to this question, but every British person that I know of asks it, whilst on holidaying in a warm climate. We're a funny bunch!

"What's the weather like?"
 I cringed as she asked.

Whats the weather like? What in the world do you want to know that for? I know why. When we're in a warm climate, sunning ourselves, we want it to be raining. Heavily, in our home country. So that we can smirk about it all. 

However, that was not the case. The sun was cracking the pavements. It was a heat wave. The girl was devastated. Her bright orange bikini clashing against the redness of her fuming cheeks. She fell silent, desperate to get off the phone to the chirpy little voice on the other end. She no longer wanted to know what was going on in Blighty.

The mobile phone was dutifully switched of and plunged into the depths of her beach bag, beneath her factor fifteen lotions and tropica- fresh body spray.

Clambering off the lounger, she grabbed the umbrella which was shading her delicate pale skin from the suns rays and put it down. Hair up, sunglasses off, she was determined to turn a darker shade of lobster before the day was done.

I chuckled at her plight as I continued to read, enjoying the holiday.

How did she get on? 

We saw her at dinner that evening, in white. It was not a good choice for her, her deep red shiny skin illuminated. She looked pained, but sure enough, the following morning, she was there again- laid out on the sun longer, ready for another session!