Friday, 18 July 2014

What To Do...When You're Wedged?

I was sitting, minding my own business in my car.

The queue we were in seemed never ending, and my rascal in the back was getting a little fidgety.

Oh no!, we weren't in gridlock, we were in a queue at the 'drive thru' of a popular fast food outlet. I won't state the variety of outlet due to legalities.

Something caught my eye in the car infront. There seemed to be a lot of activity going on. I focused and stared in through the back window, trying to make out what on earth was happening.

Then I made it out.

A rather rotund woman was trying to haul her heavy frame out of the front passenger seat. But instead of exiting through the door, she was facing towards the middle of the car.

What on earth?

I kept watching, rascal had also found the spectacle fascinating.

The woman hauled, hauled and hauled until she was turned towards the back seat, her backside pressed against the front windscreen. 

She began to thrust her body through the terribly small gap between the drivers seat and the passengers seat. However, at that point, the driver began to inch forward, and halted as the assistant wandered towards them with his ordering machine.

The woman frantically pulled and pulled on the seats trying desperately to get herself through, but, as much as she tried, she was jammed stuck.

The driver wound down the window as the order taker arrived at the car, not raising his eyes, he asked for their order.

The mutterings were indecipherable until he asked the wedged woman to clarify what she wanted.

The young assistant glanced into the car and as he mentally took in the vast legging clad backside I witnessed a variety of expressions starting with 'what the...?!' To 'Is that a backside?' Then 'what the **** is she doing?' To 'does she need help?' He stammered, flapped his hand a little debating as to if he should reach on in there. He decided against all and stepped away from the vehicle as the driver drove on round to the payment point. 

He was still staring at the back of the car with his jaw slack when it was my turn to place my order.

"Hi, can I take your order please?"

"Yes, I'd like a ticket to the viewing of how that woman is going to get out of that position" I smiled and the young lad chuckled shaking his head.

I placed the order and followed the wedged woman around to the collection point. 

The driver pulled away and I waited behind to collect my order.

So what happened in the end? 
As I left the drive thru, I caught sight of the driver, out of the car, pushing the woman with all of his might. She did eventually pop out of her jam. He opened the back passenger door and she rolled out. Standing up incredibly quickly she started on the driver (obviously her husband), shoving him while giving him a piece her mind, incredibly loudly.

Me? I had a very comfortable drive home and a tasty tea!